Police to School Coordination Project

Client : Narcotics Suppression Bureau
Job : Instruction media and production
Year : 2019

Police to School

Coordination Project


Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) have done projects with several group of children those indicated as narcotic addictive prospects.  NSB seperated children into three group where explicated as children in risky to addiction, in addiction and in addiction also risk of violence. The department spread different projects covered all prospect groups by expected to find the best solution to solve all drugs problems in children.

All projects had been conduct for more than ten years. Now all results and data are happened to clearify the NSB's previous consumption(s). Weakness of each projects appear to be fix by the newest perfect campaign which can connect all factors and conditions wisely sensible.



Instruction media and production, Story board and script, Video production, Motion graphic and other Graphic design

Narcotics Suppression Bureau



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 The project concept is directly fixing problems from education places coordinate by NSB officers and teachers themselves. Simultaneously this project campaign surprisingly easy to connect multiple parties and coordinators with instruction media by project manual and video presentation.

Fun to work 

Lots of fun work based on unusual working process that we cannot find in other place.
Big experiences again to our team.


Thank you to Narcotics Suppression Bureau and big sincere to Khun Keaw, fantastic project representative who work 24/7 for the department (you rock).

Thank you from our heart