Chiang Mai Craft Trend 2018

Lanna Kingdom, a powerful state centered in present-day northern Thailand,

Chiang Mai still retains within the perimeter of its fortified moat the rich heritage of its glorious past as a cultural and religious center. And well known locally also recognised internationally through Lanna products.

Chiang Mai Craft Trend brings many villager from sub rural area who making lanna craft products to the city and let people and tourists enjoy those charm.


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The north of Thailand has a rich history of artisanal traditions that have developed over hundreds of years. Today these traditions using local materials and indigenous craftsmanship are utilising modern technology and knowledge of world trends to bridge the gap between old and new. Now with our fancy new UNESCO Creative City recognition, things are only going to get better.

Lanna Thai Culture Experience

Lanna Thai Culture Experience

we are honored to be part of something beautiful through the event "Chiang Mai Craft Trend 2018"