Western Union

By the year 2018 Western Union (WU) kicked off global campaign #LiveMore #ShareMore

How can a 166-year-old, Fortune 500 retail heavy brand, become relevant again for a

mobile-focused and digital first millennial audience? Western Union leveraged its unique position as a truly global brand serving over 200 countries and countless cultures and ethnicities. WU built on the insights of a new generation with a global outlook, united by a belief in a world of collaboration, unrestricted by geographical borders. After months of research, WU identified 13 purpose driven micro-influencers from across the globe who share Western Union's belief in equality, diversity, and a borderless world.

WU traveled with them on their journeys across 11 countries as they shared their stories of inclusiveness, diversity, female empowerment and aspiration. Engaging customer storytelling at its best!

And after great world-wide results the #LiveMore #ShareMore digested into another active campaign localized in Thailand named as "Give Me Five" delivered by ...





Campaign Visual Design

Western Union Thailand



#LiveMore #ShareMore

The results were astonishing. Over the first 3 months the campaign, #LiveMore #ShareMore generated a global reach of over 132 million, sparked 42 Million video views, which grew Western Union's already industry leading social engagement by another 65%! All this while inspiring a new generation of customers to #LiveMore #ShareMore through moving money for better.

#LiveMore #ShareMore, this campaign took 3 months, WU launched 40 chapters of influencer branded storytelling videos surrounded by more than 120 pieces of content that landed on Western Union's owned social pages as well as on the influencer's social media channels.



We created online advertisement components, banners, printing and on-site advertisement for every WU branches in Thailand via #GiveMeFive campaign


Every branches in Central department store, Robinson and more under CPN group

Convenient locations for every customer to find WU services

Some sample of Graphic design for online #FiveMeFive campaign during end of 2018.